Hire a Dog

To Make Games

Sometimes you want something done fast. Sometimes you may want it done cheaply. And sometimes you may want it done to an extremely polished degree.

There are faster developers than me. There are cheaper developers than me. And there are more expensive developers than me who claim to achieve more. What I offer is balance. I will meet your deadline, with a solid product, for a fair price. This balance works; my games consistently get 4 million views or more. I offer the best value for money: games that are good enough to go viral, in a respectable timeframe, for a price you will be proud of. (Challenge me - find the cheapest way to get exposure to a million people. I will beat it.)

To Write

Incidentally, my games have storylines, because I love writing. A lot of the comments on my games are quotes of the dialogue, so I guess I did okay.

I am totally up for writing a script for you. For just a small sum, I will make your players cry when the Fairy Godmother is murdered, laughing between their sobs at insightful jokes - all in as few lines of dialogue as realistically possible. I will make your game memorable.

Because money can buy happiness.

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