The Man with the
       Invisible Trousers

Johnny's dead, and you're the only guy who can find out who killed him. A noir puzzle-platformer, with a stylish lack of trousers.

This game has 2.5 million views, and has hit the front page of just about every gaming portal you could hope for. AddictingGames? Newgrounds? Armor Games? Kongregate? Full score, and many others besides.

Slide Racing

A funky racing game, with a plot! Almond's father has been killed, and he must go on the drive of his life to find out who did it.

I've never heard of a racing game with a real story, so I made one. The game's had four and a half million views and counting, making it my biggest success thus far.


You are evil, and want to push humans back down the evolutionary ladder. With a shaky grasp on the concept of evolution, this game lets you bash smart people with a mallet. I don't know.

Made in roughly 24 working hours between me and Anny Mykhailova. Also, there's an iPhone app for free.


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