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Here be dragons!

This is the end of the recent, and the start of the old. Keep scrolling to travel back in time, to the Flash era, with all the broken links and missing images that entails. Bring a sword.

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LEGO in motion

A friend and I worked on the following animation. Enjoy: So yeah, I’m now editing a documentary on all this, which will also be posted here. It’ll be interesting. (For more info on that, I guess you could click here.) … Continue reading

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Be snazzy.

Good Old Snazzy Tennis is up and available to play. (Non-exclusives are available, thankfully.) Play Snazzy Tennis In other news, I have a Twitter – just like everyone! Hurrah. Follow me here. Or don’t. Maybe you’re not that sort of … Continue reading

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The Release!

It’s out! I present to you, Literally Insane Racing! Click here to play Literally Insane Racing! This is really trying to show what Flash games can be, to me. Each car has its own feel, and no single car is … Continue reading

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