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Interview: To The Moon

After my post on storytelling, I got a recommendation to try out “To The Moon” from Freebird Games. It truly is a special experience, and I wholeheartedly extend the recommendation to anyone interested in exploring the potential of storytelling in … Continue reading

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He’s Dead, Jim!

Years later warning: many external links are now dead. Sorry! Post-mortems are terribly, horribly interesting. I love seeing how Flash games died. Some developers are willing to describe all the gory financial details, writing up accounts so that we can … Continue reading

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Uncharted: Charted

I picked up the original Uncharted in the pre-Christmas rush for a little more than it usually sells for. Alas, the effort was wasted, since I failed to plug in the disc for well over a month. But hey, now … Continue reading

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Storytelling Is A Game

You know that emotional pull, when a story grabs you in just the right way? It’s what makes Final Fantasy VII so revered, as generation after generation relives that moment where Aeris dies. Or at least, they would if it … Continue reading

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