Can you believe it? You can play Flappy Blocks on Android today and experience the, er, pleasure of flying tetrominoes.

Flappy BlocksInstall Flappy Blocks!

It has a really addictive “screw you I can do this” loop to it, and a lot of depth too if you can get good. Unlockable tiles to customise your beautiful blocks, and achievements to test your skills! But first, can you even get one line?

My struggle

This was quite a journey to get to this point. 2020 was… “a year”. In the end, I’m proud of this game, and the journey has taught me more than I could have possibly predicted when I started it.

If you’re getting this as a newsletter, there’s a handy bonus code in the footer to give you some in-game freebies. And, of course, getting some reviews from you kind folk would be a joy + massive help!

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