Back on the scene

I made a dumb game called ‘Platformer Mixtape 2010‘ for the Meta Game Jam, and you can play it in your browser here.

More than anything else, this project is to establish that, hey, I’m back! I’m developing full-time for as long as it’ll sustain me, and my journey is starting right here.

Much love for Super Meat Boy.

Much love for VVVVVV.

Much love for Portal.

This was a great excuse to steal some neat elements from some of my favourite games. I do have more interesting content coming! Next up, I’ll be talking about the balance of all the things going into the ‘jump’ to make it feel just so. That’ll all be on this blog shortly, so you could subscribe here or say hi on Twitter @connectoffline!

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Here be dragons!


This is the end of the recent, and the start of the old. Keep scrolling to travel back in time, to the Flash era, with all the broken links and missing images that entails.

Bring a sword.

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LEGO in motion

A friend and I worked on the following animation. Enjoy:

So yeah, I’m now editing a documentary on all this, which will also be posted here. It’ll be interesting.
(For more info on that, I guess you could click here.)

In other news, Twitter is still a thing. If you’re into that.

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Be snazzy.

Good Old Snazzy Tennis is up and available to play. (Non-exclusives are available, thankfully.)

In other news, I have a Twitter – just like everyone! Hurrah. Follow me here. Or don’t. Maybe you’re not that sort of person.

But of greater interest, I will be launching a new webcomic fairly soon. (Some of you may be aware of my old one, hello earthling). The new one, however, will be entirely different – something personal, story-driven, emotional, and in full colour. It won’t change the world, but it’ll be challenging my abilities as an artist and a storyteller. Keep an eye out – as soon as I have something to show, it’ll be on the aforementioned Twitter. (I’ll also eventually blog it here – see the subscribe options to the side.)

Coming soon
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