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Here be dragons!

This is the end of the recent, and the start of the old. Keep scrolling to travel back in time, to the Flash era, with all the broken links and missing images that entails. Bring a sword.

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LEGO in motion

A friend and I worked on the following animation. Enjoy: So yeah, I’m now editing a documentary on all this, which will also be posted here. It’ll be interesting. (For more info on that, I guess you could click here.) … Continue reading

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The Grammar Police

I saw yet another comment thread descend into minor quibbles about grammar. I have come to the conclusion that I just… don’t care about it. If someone can’t spell, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid, it just means they can’t spell. … Continue reading

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A Physical Connection

I love getting physical games. Tearing off the plastic wrap, piggling off all the stickers the shop adorned. Flicking through the manual, even though the tutorial will cover everything. Most of all, I love how it can never be taken … Continue reading

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