He’s Dead, Jim!

Years later warning: many external links are now dead. Sorry!

Post-mortems are terribly, horribly interesting. I love seeing how Flash games died. Some developers are willing to describe all the gory financial details, writing up accounts so that we can all learn from their mistakes.

I have written two post-mortems in the past, and now I have finally added them to this site (with some longer-term stats added to the bottom):

The Man with the Invisible Trousers
Slide Racing

PS: I have a secret wish that people will read those and decide that I should be paid far, far more. 4 million plays per game is worth more!
PPS: For what it’s worth, Unevolve has 210,000 plays and earned $200 for 2 people, so that’s alright for a 2 day game.

But I am not the most interesting developer, nor the richest, nor even the most bitter! I present to you, a list of every post-mortem I could dredge from the mirth of the internet.

Concerned Joe
Community College Sim
Gravinaytor (Which I always read as Gravy-nator, and you should too.)
(I Fell In Love With) The Majesty of Colors
The Moops – Combos of Joy
Pixel Purge
Robo Riot
Tentacle Wars
When I Was Young

I will attempt to keep this list updated with all the post-mortems I can find. If you know of any I’ve missed, comment or shoot me an email with the address at the bottom of the page.

For what it’s worth, this week I also added three more short stories, if anyone still does fiction!

Until next time… *Batman swoosh*

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2 Responses to He’s Dead, Jim!

  1. FlashMush says:

    Great collection of post mortems. Always interesting to see the final aspects of the games.

  2. I’ve just published a post mortem of my newest game When I Was Young. Hope you’ll find it interesting enough to add to your list of postmortems.

    And thank’s for such a great article! I spend few hours reading all the postmortems. Keep the good work. Subscribed to your feed!