Storytelling Is A Game

You know that emotional pull, when a story grabs you in just the right way? It’s what makes Final Fantasy VII so revered, as generation after generation relives that moment where Aeris dies. Or at least, they would if it weren’t so commonly spoiled that yes, Aeris dies. Takes the fun out of it, right?

I love stories, and it is one of those things that drew me towards game creation. Because while I could make a Flash video series, realistically I would never animate more than perhaps 2 minutes. Game stories suit me: limited animation required, and the player has an automatic reason to care about at least one of the characters. My challenge is to make the player care about multiple characters, in such a way that by the climax of the game, the player has white knuckles from gripping the keyboard so intensely. One day, I shall make a game where the story will make the player squirm, as they wish they could save the day.
And perhaps, just perhaps, they won’t be able to.

I like the idea of a game with an unhappy ending. How about you?

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One Response to Storytelling Is A Game

  1. FlashMush says:

    I hold a special part of me for story flash games. Love the simplicity yet also narrative complexity they offer.