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Audiobook Generation

I bloody love audiobooks. This is definitely not a game-related post, as I cannot develop games while listening. What I can do, however, is cook, or wash up, or walk about London, or sit around waiting to meet my invariably … Continue reading

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Pretty Bums

Women have pretty bums. If I must stare at one for twelve hours, surely I would much rather it were a pretty one. That is the usual logic when a developer has a female main character in a videogame. Nay, … Continue reading

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Subcard to the Heart

There is a point in your life when you do something you regret; you might let your fish die, or kill your husband’s mistress, or become a regular at Subway. Unfortunately, I have succumbed to the latter. It started at … Continue reading

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Jump: Ultimate Stars

Last year I played an absolutely stellar game that you haven’t heard of – what’s more, it turned out to be my favourite game of the entire year. Imagine Super Smash Bros, on a handheld console. Now imagine deeper fighting … Continue reading

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