Attack Mode!

This season, I’m producing not one, but two incredible games! Perhaps ‘incredible’ is too strong a word. ‘Unique’ might be more fitting.

There will be one (1) sequel to The Man with the Invisible Trousers… Get pumped, it’s set after 20 years of jail time, and it’s a story of revenge. Brace yourselves, for The Girl with the Invisible Heart…

There will be one more game, though! Get pumped for ‘Til Death Do Us Part, the most curious Flash game of the year. It’s a dating sim! But not a normal sim, oh no, that would be much too normal. It’s a relationship sim, where you have to continue to keep the girl from ripping your head off for the duration. Remember, a girlfriend’s not just for Christmas!

And here’s a video of the current progress of ‘Til Death Do Us Part:

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2 Responses to Attack Mode!

  1. chris says:

    what time will the sequel come out
    feel free to email me about the details

    • Thomas says:

      Both games are going to be completed by September 15th at the latest, most likely before the end of August. How long they take to get released is a whole different ball park – they could be out in September, or January, depending on my luck with sponsorship!