The Ultimate Phone

Phones have lots of cool things in them, such as GPS and cameras and godawful word processors and occasionally Flash if your phone manufacturer doesn’t hold an unnecessary grudge against Adobe.

However, they do not yet have one very important function; an inbuilt switchblade!

Behold, my switchPhone!

switchblade phone!

I think it should run on Android. But I drew an iPhone shape because it’s easier!

Anyway, this would be worth an extra £100 easily. After all, think of the uses! Got some tough packaging? Cut it! Got a stick and half an hour? Sharpen it! Someone trying to steal your phone? SWITCHBLADE TO THE UTERUS! FOLLOWED BY SHARPENED STICK!

HTC have not replied to my emails.

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2 Responses to The Ultimate Phone

  1. Elly says:

    Why assume that you are being mugged by a woman? 😛

  2. Thomas says:

    If they’re stealing your phone, they’ve got a big pussy inside them.
    …That pun almost works :<