The Release!

It’s out! I present to you, Literally Insane Racing!

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Literally Insane Racing

This is really trying to show what Flash games can be, to me. Each car has its own feel, and no single car is able to win every race. There’s over 60 races, though they are nice and quick – I believe the game can be finished between 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the choices you make. And that’s really what it’s about – giving the player free reign to buy all sorts of cars, and discover their own personal favourites to upgrade, so they develop an attachment to their own garage.

A lot of heart went into this one. I cared about little details, such as how brands in-game have a consistency between their car types, or how they are affected by the era they were built in. Before release, I was panicking that I had wasted time, and that no-one would care.

So it is thrilling, for me, that they do. Out of 6600 players today that Playtomic recorded, 32 players spent presumably 4+ hours collecting every single car. There is no incentive for this – the game can be completed with 10-20 cars on average, there are no achievements, and the game does not provide anywhere near enough money to buy all the cars in one playthrough. But these few completionists have made me feel totally justified in putting in as many cars as I did, and I only hope they enjoyed the time they spent with the game. Better yet, they are not alone – from the data, it appears that there is a respectably big drop as players work out what the game is and some dislike it, but of the ones kept, the retention rate is excellent; of the players who get 3 cars in their garage, 20% go on to spend long enough on the game to get 20 cars – that’s a lot of gameplay time! The average play length is very healthy, between 20-25 minutes.

Right now it is an exclusive for, who hired me these past 8 weeks. The reaction has been more positive than I hoped for, and I am pumped for the global release!

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3 Responses to The Release!

  1. sergio says:

    hey man

    the games u make r really great, just because they r so simply and “old school”. many compliments for the games

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B U T !!!!!!!!!!

    who wrote/chose those music for “lit. insane racing” should be hung with the skin strippe dout of his testicles.



    • Thomas says:

      Thanks Sergio for the compliments!

      I wasn’t sure what I should do for the music, so I went with something off-the-wall. I suggest you click the “mute” button, and I’ll go strip the skin off my testicles!

  2. FlashMush says:

    Been on the look for this game, going to play now!